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What is holding you back?

What can you do to change yourself and the world?

How can you become the best possible version of yourself?

What do you need to do, to stop doing, to learn, to unlearn?

Here’s what you can do and learn INSTEAD !

You have here access to a unique collection of resources to help and inform you: INSTEAD, DiVERSITY, and THE SYLLABUS.

Instead Book

Unveils the Secret Seven

The seven areas of your life where small and apparently unimportant toxins and toxic experiences hold you back and stop you thriving.  The book explains how to refuse, reduce and replace them and outlines an action plan to change your life and the planet.

DiVersity Book


Designed as an almost zero cost alternative to university, it leads the doer to a valuable Dossier while following their intuition and curiousity.  The scheme reaches back to change radically the experience of  School, and the book explains how to implement Parallel Schooling.

The Syllabus

Designed for curious young people to use on a phone or tablet, and zoom in on anything that catches your eye, and tap the link to visit a site or watch a video. One page of short articles with more than a hundred links to expand horizons.

You can change the world.  You must change the world.

Max Lyman – Cowspiracy


I have spent the last ten years looking more closely at what I was brought up to believe, what I took for granted as beneficial or at least harmless, and at what I was taught at school and university.  The result has been a radical reassessment of the world we live in, and in these resources I chart  a similar voyage of discovery for you to follow if you feel to.