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You are invited you to join an exciting, new and very timely scheme designed to develop your knowledge, talents, skills and interests in a way conventional school does not. It will also give you something different and fascinating to do while schools are temporarily closed and you are unable to spend your free time as you might want. It's called The New Syllabus.

The New Syllabus

It is a syllabus that depends on and works with an alternative to university called DiVersity. You can see full details here . The New Syllabus is for younger people who are obliged to attend conventional schools, and it is designed to run alongside these schools using email and social media as well as gatherings at weekends or during school holidays when these are again possible. With this syllabus you work on a wide range of subjects.

What Subjects?

The subjects you work on with The New Syllabus are:
1 practical skills that are useful for life (and also for getting good placements in DiVersity) such as cooking, DIY, sewing, painting, IT skills, first aid and so on;
2 skills to help you handle life such as negotiating, assertiveness training, NLP, study techniques, mental arithmetic, self-defence, lie detection;
3 areas of knowledge neglected by normal schools which can be life-changing such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, dance, growing food, chinlone, telepathy;
4 any and all other subjects or activities which you find interesting, which you are good at, or which stimulate your curiosity;
5 the interesting bits of conventional subjects - sacred geometry, quantum physics, weather control, where money comes from.
With some of these areas we can help with reading lists, watch links, our own web pages, dropbox, youtube, and a perfect storm of facilitators. Others you will need to source locally, others we will work on at gatherings. We propose an unusual and extended, guided and supported syllabus. (Some of the subjects will also help you and those around you during the present exceptional circumstances.)

An Important Point

The existence of DiVersity and its non-existent entry requirements means that the whole fear thing caused by exams, tests and marks while you are at school evaporates. (It may take a while to get used to not worrying about these things!) The New Syllabus is not for everyone. If it is not for you, please pass it on!

The Dossier

From the moment you join the programme, you start building a Dossier. Exactly what this consists of is very flexible and is explained more below. We can help with the format and the process, but the Dossier encourages you to become an aware participant in every area of your life and study, rather than a passive note-taker and regurgitator of things you have been told. (Your Dossier can be used as a credential later on if you need one)

When can you start?

Anytime, but email for further details. . Starting after Easter we are doing a fortnight's trial which is free - there is a low registration fee to cover induction and admission interview. A question and answer Zoom meeting is planned for this coming Friday 17th April at 14.30 French time (half past one in the afternoon in the UK). Here's the link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3376069733

A sample paper you will be able to deal with after following the New Syllabus!


The scheme runs in English and the age range anticipated is 14 to 18. Most of the written material is in digital format so can be cut and pasted to Google Translate or Deepl to help you understand. If English is not your native language, we have some good software to help you with the grammar and vocabulary. You can join the New syllabus either as an Associate or a Full member. A Full member involves only a personal commitment to a WFPB diet and a regular practice of meditation; an Associate membership does not involve these elements.

Fees and Registration?

A one-off registration fee of £27 covering induction and admission interview on Zoom. Monthly fees to be announced - the first pilot fortnight is free.

Who's the Founder?

Anthony Withers is the principal of the language school English and Foreign Languages for Executives Ltd (906501) which is the company behind DiVersity and the New Syllabus. The registered office is in Reigate, UK and the head office is in Pau, France.
Headings from the Founder's Dossier are below under Background Info.

What is this 'perfect storm' of facilitators?

Apart from the internet itself which permits productive interactive activity wherever there is a signal, you have (in no particular order): Jitsi, Zoom, Workaway, Wwoofing, FaceBook, proximity apps, Google maps, Whatsapp (for groups), Skout, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MOOC, Khan Academy, Coursera, Quantum course, Youtube, Wikipedia, Skype, Airbnb, Uber, low-cost airlines, and so on.

What's the plan?

A pilot fortnight is envisaged free of charge for founder members after an admission interview and induction. We will then move on to membership and activity software and Dossier media storage.

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Your Dossier
Your Dossier could be like a journal, a scrapbook, a filing-cabinet or anything you can imagine. It is likely to contain video, audio and text files, or software, or graphics, or holograms of 3-D objects you have created, or musical scores, or certificates of achievment, or evidence of a skill, or... And the OR... is limited only by your imagination.

Background information
The founder and his family have personal experience of ecole, college, lycee, primary school, secondary school, grammar school, competitive entry school, public school, Krishnamurti school and home schooling
The founder's CV includes a degree in Business Studies, qualifications as a yoga and meditation teacher, a Corgi gas fitter, and an army cadet instructor, experience as an EFL teacher, a teacher of riding, a teacher of Scottish reeling, a Harrods shop-assistant, a chauffeur to the Bolshoi, a professional coachman, a beater in Scotland, the programmer and author of TutorScreens and the author of Instead, DiVersity, and the Accelerated Learning of English.