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Left brain
The logical half. Do your research on the nature of coronaviruses, on the purpose, function and efficacy of the TP PCR test, on the efficacy of masks, on the way an RNA vaccine works and the ingredients of proposed others. Do you find rationally convincing the work of doctors, professors and Nobel prize winners stretching back over decades (Klenner, Cathcart, Pauling, and Cahill among others) and choose to boost your immune system with C, D and Zinc? Or the pronouncements of a billionaire software developer and main funder of the WHO, and wait for a vaccine and scannable skin labelling? (Bear in mind that one group stands to make a lot of money from their approach)

Right brain
The intuitive half. Does it feel right to you to breathe freely, to benefit from the sun and outdoors, and to enjoy the close company of others? Or to wear a mask, stay indoors and distance yourself from fellow human beings? What makes your heart sing – or sink?

No brain
The obedient whole. Just do what you’re told (something we all learned to do well at school). Ignore the obvious logical inconsistencies. Ignore the promptings of intuition. Signal your virtue, comply with the rules, placidly accept incremental restrictions on convenience and liberty, slide acquiescingly down the path to global enslavement by free will. Believe implicitly everything on the TV (they are only reporting the facts). Believe the government (they only have our best interests at heart). Believe the medical establishment (they just want everyone to be healthy).