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The COVID Whopper (poem),
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Why do they lie? (poem)
What if...? Letter to a trusting one,
Vitamin C for coronavirus
Cluedo? - why no vitamin C
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Boost! your immune system
Left Brain, Right Brain, or no brain?

Intuition - what is it and how to use it

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Instead of Disease - Health
This book will show you the unsuspected toxins which surround you and which reduce your physical, mental and spiritual health. It will show you how to deal with them, and replace them with nutrients.

Instead of Fiction - Truth
It will reveal many of the fictions that are woven into your life, and how - by using your intuition and discernment - you can see with greater clarity what is true in the world you live in.

Instead of Fear - Love
It will show you how to dispel the background fear that is so much part of your life, and how to replace fear with love.