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Don't believe it!
The author would encourage you NOT just blindly to accept what is written here as the truth. That would be an error of judgment. That is not to say that the ideas presented here are not true, but that you must weigh them up, meditate upon them, and decide for yourself in the light of your intuition and inner feelings, whether or not these words "feel" true for you.
'The test, is this:
In the face of a challenge, who do you trust?
Do you trust what the "outside world" is showing you?
Or, do you hold fast to that which "feels" like Truth, deep within you?
That is something you can only answer for yourself.'
About as dangerous as the seasonal flu - and labelled as such by the NHS in the UK in March 2020. Lockdowns are advised against by the WHO and countries that have not locked down have similar graphs of infection and death as those who did. Do your research on masks - and wear one as little as possible. Note that the 'vaaccine' neither prevents you from catching anything or passing it on. See details of prevention nutriceuticals, protocols and treatment at FLCCC and THF. The truth about Ivermectin.
Masaru Emoto

A Japanese man who developed a technique of freezing water and studying the resulting crystals. He found that the form of the crystal depended on source and purity, but also what the water was exposed to: sound, words, thoughts... A simple presentation of his ideas and work here. Or follow the Hado World link on his web site

Free Energy
See the Thrive movie and do some research on Tesla - you could start here. Details of alternative energy sources and other things from Dr Greer.
Vitamin C

Discovered by Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1936 who said it should be on shelves in shops like flour or sugar (sic)! An effective antiviral, its use can boost the immune system to prevent infection and provide a treatment for viral pneumonia or SARS which is how the Coronavirus kills people. Other mammals either make their own or have to eat it like us - they average around 30mg per kilogram per day. Work it out for yourself - it may seem a lot at first, and to boost your immune system see the recommendations here.

Left and right hemisphere
The relative functional superiority of one or the other hemisphere is something that should interest you because your brain goes everywhere with you! See Jill Bollte Taylor over to the right.
And Do schools kill creativity?

Climate change. Global warming
The climate certainly appears to be changing. At times the globe appears to be warming. Is CO2 the culprit? Read here. Or something else - read here. And who would make money out of carbon taxes and cap and trade? And more here on AGW vs NGW. And the Great Global Warming Swindle.

A cool webcomic here

Quantum physics, the need for an observer, the creative process. Amit Goswami explains here.

The best best thing you can do for yourself, for others, for the planet. A very good practice is outlined here. (Note: meditation is not mindfulness)

Home schooling
Don't go to school - do this instead

Your Brain
A whole book about your brain here

Messages from Matthew
See them here
War or Peace?
Some thoughts on war from a Major General here and views on his service by a Special Forces Master Sergeant here.

This is the study of certain cycles which affect your behaviour, performance and mood. The three main cycles are Intellectual, Emotional and Physical. The lunar cycle of 28 days is well known and it will not surprise that this is the length of the Emotional cycle..The length of the other cycles has been estimated over long periods of observation, and they are 23 days for the Physical cycle and 33 days for the Intellectual cycle. All of these cycles start at birth and the calculation is lengthy but not complicated.You work out the total number of days you have been alive, divide by the length of the cycle, and the remainder is the number days you are into the current cycle. Fortunately there are plenty of apps that will do it for you, as well as throwing in a number of other cycles that are not strictly kosher. The exception is the Magical cycle which is given by Ra as 17 days - you may have to calculate this yourself! Note that since the Emotional cycle is 28 days - a multiple of 7 - the key days are always on the same day of the week - the weekday you were born on. The cycle is viewed as a sine wave (see picture above) and the key days are the lowest point, the highest point, and the day it crosses the base line either upwards or downwards
Workaway is a way of travelling and working and finding out about yourself and the world. It forms part of the DiVersity programme, and you can see all about it here.

A very good way of spending your time (rather than social media!) and beginning to learn a foreign language. Sign up here.

Plants can recognise people, and can detect your intention to harm them Learn more in The Secret Life of Plants - you can scroll down to Chapter One.
If you connect a certain device to a plant with one lead going to a leaf and the other going into the earth near its roots, the device can detect a fluctuation in the electrical resistance and convert it into sound. Each plant is different and influenced by many factors in its immediate environment. Listen to music from plants here.

The Lüscher Colour Test
A personality test, originally designed and used with a much larger palette of colours, the selection of colours one by one just as colours, repeated twice (with no effort to duplicate or avoid duplicating the first selection) yields fascinating results. If doing it with someone else, a good plan is not to start commenting on the results - it gets quite deep! It can be done online here (some other sites do not give proper interpretation of the five pairs of colours)
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Crop Circles

Tao Te Ching
Written around the 6th century BC by the sage Lao Tzu, it is about 30 pages long in the form of very short chapters on a variety of topics. You may find it inspiring. Here is one translation.
Lives in the forest in Siberia and is met by Vladimir Megre who then writes all about her way of life - and changes the lives of millions. More details here.

Crop Circles
A few minutes looking at the range and complexity of crop circles will disabuse you of the notion that they are all created by guys from the pub. Often completed in tens of minutes in the dark and the rain, there is another possible explanation. (See Thrive and Disclosure)
Basic Income
A Basic Income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all on an individual basis, without means-test or work requirement. An excellent idea - provided it is truly unconditional. More details here and how it can help people get out of Bullshit Jobs here.
World Poverty & Debt
There is more slavery on the planet now than there has ever been. Watch the movie here and the economic hitman section of money creation. And an interesting document here.
The Law of One
To learn more, here is the link.
Intuition is your secret weapon. It cuts through what is misleading, it simplifies what is deliberately complicated, and is absolutely proof against propaganda and manipulation.
It is a sense that everyone possesses, but that is often undervalued, undeveloped and discouraged.
Read more about it and how to use it here.

Conspiracy Theory
We are very keen that all of our students are 'as wise as serpents, as innocent as doves' and that they view the world with left brain critical thinking and rational analysis balanced by right brain intuition and discernment, the process being informed by knowledge of historical and current skulduggery
, shills, study design and methodology, product defence companies, conflicts of interest and revolving doors
The epithets 'conspiracy theory', 'fake news' and use of the word 'debunk' are useful in that they usually indicate a topic or individual where intuition, discernment, and the application of 'cui bono' are especially relevant. And where newspapers and the media get the news from. Commentary on the news here.

Trillion dollars
You hear a lot about very large sums of money but they are not easy to imagine, or rather it is very easy to accept them being spent because you have little idea of what is being talked about. Here you can see a trillion dollars

Jill Bollte Taylor
More about left and right hemispheres.


Make sure that you have your eyes open in daylight (sunlight if not too bright or uncomfortable is best) OUTSIDE or at least not through windows, windscreens, or (sun)glasses for at least 5 minutes a day. See the works of John Nash Ott and details of an organisation based on his work. Sunlight on your skin is of course important for the not-actually-a-vitamin D - how much can be left to intuitive promptings and listening to your body; eschew sun-screen unless there is a good reason for it.

DiVersity not Uni-versity
You don't have to go to university to get a life! DiVersify instead. Thinking of business school?

Autobiography of a Yogi
May be read online here.
The Venus Project
The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. Details here.

Fear or Love
The mainsprings of action. People do things either because of fear or out of love.
Lucid gaming
Lucid dreaming is what you are doing when, in the middle of a dream, you suddenly realise you are dreaming. Often a lucid dream is brighter and clearer than a normal one, and often the realisation allows you to begin to control the dream and make decisions about what happens. In the game of life the aim is to wake up and become a lucid gamer. (See Creation and the movie What the Bleep do we Know!)

How is it created? Who by? What is fractional reserve banking? Why should you care? Find out here. And who owns the world?!
Information from G. Edward Griffin about The Quigley Formula
Russell Brand on youtube
The Vigilant Citizen has a page called Read This First
You should know about the Pain Body - yours and others'. The book may be the best source but this is good.
Book list: Virus Mania, The Inner Game of Tennis, When I say no I feel guilty - Assertiveness Training, Lie Spotting.
DeepL for excellent translations
Just so that you know what can be done - deepfakes
How technology gets us hooked - here
IPFS as an alternative to HTTP InterPlanetary File System. Details here
Center for Informed America here. Disinformation-free.
Growth - and why there might be limits to it.
Zeitgeist - The Movie 2007, Addendum 2008, Moving Forward 2011. Website.
Binaural beats - here and many elsewheres!
World Economic Forum - 10 proposals
Who is Bill Gates?
Javascript could be fun and people might exchange resources for your expertise.
The Mechanism of Mind by Edward de Bono
Why we should bulldoze the business school.

Instead - the book
Instead of disease, health. Instead of fiction, truth. Instead of fear, love.
Available at Amazon and Smashwords.
The Yoga that you hear talked about - or that you practise - is Hatha Yoga. It, and Raja Yoga, are branches of Kriya Yoga, and are ideally practised together. 'No hatha without raja, no raja without hatha'. Raja Yoga is yoga of the mind - and involves meditation.
A compound of the Sanskrit words satya (meaning "truth") and agraha ("polite insistence", or "holding firmly to"). The answer to what ails us now.
13-month Calendar
A serious proposition. See more details here.
Mercator projection
Compare with other projections and see how it shapes your idea of the world.

You are what you are not because you were born when you were, but you were born when you were because you were - potentially - what you are. For more, here is a good book.

Monopoly, which is the best-selling privately patented board game in history, gained popularity in the United States during the Great Depression when Charles B. Darrow, an unemployed heating engineer, sold the concept to Parker Brothers in 1935. Before then, homemade versions of a similar game had circulated in many parts of the United States. Most were based on the Landlord’s Game, a board game designed and patented by Lizzie G. Magie in 1904. She revised and renewed the patent on her game in 1924. Notably, the version Magie originated did not involve the concept of a monopoly; for her, the point of the game was to illustrate the potential exploitation of tenants by greedy landlords. Magie used the Landlord’s Game to promote a remedy for such exploitation—namely, the single tax on property owners, a leading social issue among those who criticized land speculation as a cause of economic injustice.

Message from the Editor

You haven't got long between distractions, so pay close attention.
Here is the truth, which you know at your core, which you glimpse now and then, and which you turn your back on to your ultimate disadvantage.
You are a spiritual being, having one of many physical lifetimes, not a physical being having the odd spark of spiritual life.
You have been born into, raised in and are living in, a setup that does not have your ultimate well-being and development at heart. You spend your life in a consensus trance, misled, poisoned, and distracted at every turn.
The mainsprings of human action are Fear and Love.
You are held in your place and held back by Fear.
Fear of parents and teachers, fear of bosses, fear of terrorism, fear of illness, fear of poverty, fear of extreme weather, fear for the world, fear of the future. This background fear is topped up daily by the media.
This fear is given credence by limiting your access to certain sources of energy, by limiting knowledge of our neighbours, and by controlling the creation of money.
Your fearful life is made tolerable by distractions. These include - but are not limited to! - TV and streaming platforms, your social media, your music, sport, news - and is it fake or not? - the politics and economic situation of your country and your prime minister or president or king. These distractions also take all your time and disperse or channel your energy, and so they prevent you doing anything about your situation and calling for solutions to the overarching problems of the world.
Instead, use your intuition and discernment to perceive what truly serves you. Give energy and money only for healthy food, products, and services.
Visualise a clean, healthy, happy world filled with Love. Disengage from the distractions. Drain away fear by knowledge and understanding. Love yourself, other selves and the Creation. All is one.
That's it for now. Go back for the moment to your distraction. But come back to this truth daily before your meditation. And pass it on.
There has been a method of treatment with a high degree of success since the 1920s and it does not involve chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. A movie about it here and a Gerson workshop in three parts 1, 2, 3. At the same time, chemotherapy has been praised as 'preventing improper orientation of the patient' and a book called Questioning Chemotherapy is worth reading. And check out the Perth Group's view of AIDS here. And info about ClO2.
Hong Sau
If your eye has been caught by these words, have a look at the section on meditation.

Heart Disease
If you are over ten years old and eating what they call the Standard American Diet, this has already started! But it can be prevented and reversed. More details here.
Masanobu Fukuoka
'Formal schooling has no intrinsic value, but becomes necessary when humanity creates a condition in which one must become "educated" to get along.' and more about do-nothing farming here.
Doctor Yourself & Nutrition
If people paid attention to their nutrition there would be an epidemic of good health according to Andrew Saul - his website DoctorYourself.com is here; he also appears in the movie Food Matters - a clip here.! Here is an informative little movie that may also be of interest.
Who does it serve? Cui bono?
This is a useful question to ask yourself when seeking to understand what you see going on around you. It helps to focus your intuition. Who does it serve if you don't know about hemp or vitamin C? Who does it not serve if you choose an alternative to university, or reject single-use plastic products? What serves you and humanity?
Grows very rapidly and could quickly be a substitute for wood in paper production. It can also be used for a wide variety of other purposes (See rap )
Vitamin G
There is no such vitamin, but the g stands for Green and the observation is that dirt can be good for you! So don't wear gloves when you are gardening. and check out the book 'Let Them Eat Dirt' here

Learn nutrition & go vegan
Why? Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix. A good infographic here. For example: one hamburger = 660 gallons or 3000 litres of fresh water. 'Rich in fibre'? - learn about the 5:1 rule and check out the amount of fibre you're getting.

Creed for our Times

Gatto on Education
A good read here. Alternative schools: Krishnamurti and Steiner. Parallel schooling - if home schooling is not permitted in your country - or even if it is.
Parallel Schooling
The idea of Parallel Schooling is to sidestep the constraints of conventional schooling as well as restrictions on home schooling - to reduce the negative effects of the former and get a similar benefit to the latter. After the introductory selection interview, you quickly learn how to learn quickly and to satisfy the requirements of conventional schooling if you decide to. Then you move on through the Syllabus on this page with tuition in those areas which require it. Email me below to book an interview.

Wikipedia vs Swiss Policy Research
Wikipedia may be your automatic go-to for the facts. They may not be as reliable as you think when it really counts. Their opinions of each other - Wikipedia and SPR . And an alternative news source here at RT and hints on using the internet here.
The Third Tower
Building 7 (which came down in the same way but was not hit by anything) A quick look at what happened here and a longer look here. And more of interest in Zeitgeist here and source here.

You can see a timeline of vitamin medicine here. Downs, Alzheimers, ADHD, AIDS?

'There appear to be only two types of people in the world: those who have mostly Bacteroides type bacteria in their gut, and those whose colons are overwhelmingly home to Prevotella species instead.' So, which are you? And why does it matter? Here.
An eye-opening movie here.

The Law of Attraction
Your life is a physical manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. See The Secret.

Become a LightWorker
Some help and ideas here.

Great free software that allows you to explore space in three dimensions. Download here.

'Give this information to the young people of the world…They want to hear it. They're not stupid' You can see The Day Before Disclosure here and more here on disclosure .
Creation and Visualisation
Your life is a physical manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. What you are thinking and feeling is having an effect on the reality you experience. You are doing it anyway all day, every day so you may as well not do it randomly. And especially not do it by taking your cue from what you see about you - that way you get into a feedback loop. See here and why it works and how to do it here.

Trees or Streets?
This article confirms what is no surprise. A break from work or study spent near trees will refresh you more than going downtown. Even a picture will do! Breaktime.
...and its effects on Plants and People. Some details on binaural beats here.

Studying English as a foreign language?
By the same author a hypertext model of grammar and vocabulary here. When downloaded and before running, go to the Apps section of your device and give TutorScreens the two permissions it asks for. Then run it and enjoy!
Electric Cars
Are they as ecological as we are led to believe? Read an article here.

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